About Us


„Plamen Terziev Engineering“ Ltd main activity is development, construction and production of spare parts and final products in the area of electric transport, industry and agriculture. Our production includes all types of products, made from stainless steel, bronze, copper or aluminium. We accept and execute orders, either accompanied with technical documentation or when not submitted, a sample of a new or used product. In our business practice, to ensure Customer satisfaction with the requested product, we accept the task to make and/or check the technical documentation with all characteristic data. To ensure its proper application, our company sends on a business trip a qualified employee to set up the product. Our company observes a high quality control of all production materials it uses in its production. We work exclusively with certified suppliers and materials with high quality. To our view, the practical application of the final product is of utmost importance. To ensure this, we make preventive, current and post-control of the entire process from the beginning of the idea for the product until the application of the final product. Each product is accompanied with a guarantee certificate for additional value for our Customers. We are interested in the effective execution of the business plans of our Customers, providing them with our products. Our employees are highly qualified with long-term experience in the industry sector. We constantly invest in developing their professional skills, not influenced by the economic and/or political changes in Bulgaria. In this way, our company makes the utmost efforts to maintain our good image in the competitive business environment.

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