cropped-ed73bd541199882795438421.jpgOur company was established in 1992. The company was operating initially as a private entity named ET “Plamen Terziev”– Plamen Terziev, and since 2004 under “Plamen Terziev Engineering” Ltd. After the democratic changes in Bulgaria we worked hard and got small orders for production of information panels and scoreboards. We worked for each client in the sector and gradually gained their trust in our company. The high quality of our final products and the good price/quality ratio made us competitive among the big producers on the Bulgarian market. Our clients continued to rely on us and give us their orders due to our personal attitude and attention to the specific needs of each of them. Since 1995 we began with import of electro-graphite brushes to service the trolleybus transport and concentrated on the production of specific parts for the contact electric system of the auto industry, observing our priority for high quality and proper pricing. For 15 years, we extended our business, we developed our business scope and increased the type of details produced. The business environment in Bulgaria went through ups and downs, but our company continued its production in correspondence with the highest level of EU quality standards. Thus, Plamen Terziev Enginnering Ltd succeeded to become the company it is today. 

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