1. Construction of complete decisions for our customer according to his/her order.
  2. Production of spare parts in compliance with submitted technical documentation or sample of final product.
  3. Recycling of products for maintenance as well as spare parts.
  4. Development and production of : – Punched instrumental equipment; – Instrumental equipment for casting with fusible products; – Instrumental equipment for injection moulding of plastic products.
  5. Service of low and high-voltage electro engines, relays, bafflers, coils and contactor systems.
  6. Trading with the following products: – Current carrying graphite brushes for trolleybuses; – Graphite brushes for generators, machines with direct current and all types of electro-engines; – Electro-graphite brushes – for traction motors, generators and electro-engines with difficult conditions of commutation; – Copper-graphite brushes – for low-voltage machines, generators, electro-engines and all types of starters.

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